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Khuniya Mahadev Waterfalls in Pavagadh Gujarat – Waterfalls in Pavagadh

Khuniya Mahadev Waterfalls in Pavagadh Gujarat – Waterfalls in Pavagadh

This waterfall is situated within Pavagadh behind a temple of Mahadev. There are many people to visit this famous waterfall in all our Gujarat. During summer season to heavy rush in this waterfalls. Khuniya Mahadev Waterfall around natural greenery so whenever people visit this famous waterfall of Gujarat so they like it.

Going under the waterfall might not be desirable as there is a danger of tremor and if even a small sized stone falls from the height, one would be sternly injured.

Khuniya Mahadev Waterfalls is very attractive and their atmosphere also very wonderful to all people like it. There are approximately 7 to 12 small and big waterfalls in Pavagadh itself. At this time it can be a perfect picnic and trip spot for you with family or friends.

If you are planning a vacation in Pavagadh after that you have to go visit Khuniya Mahadev Falls in Gujarat. Though all of them are not easily accessible. There is a temple of Lord Shiva and is visited by people a lot during the Shravan month.

Khuniya Mahadev Waterfalls in Pavagadh Gujarat

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Khuniya Mahadev Waterfalls in Pavagadh Gujarat – Waterfalls in Pavagadh

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