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Ashadhi Beej 2015 Date – Ashadhi Bij 2015 Date and Day Details

Ashadhi Beej 2015 Date – Ashadhi Bij 2015 Date and Day Details

Ashadi Beej is mostly a traditional affair and is observed in homes. Relatives, friends and neighbors join in the festival. Ashadi Beej or Ashadhi Bij is observed on the second day of the shukla paksha or waxing phase of moon in Ashada month – It is the Kutchi New Year.

many organizations are also giving importance to the day and organize satsangs, musical competitions and other cultural programs. Puri being the abode of the three gods, attracts a lot of pilgrims from across India to celebrate the return of the three Gods to their mother’s house. In addition to being an important pilgrimage, this event also attracts many tourists, who come to observe the procession of the Jagannath Chariots.

Ashadhi Beej Celebright in Ahmedabad Gujarat, Jagannath Rath Yatra get grate Crowed in all cities of Gujarat.

Ashadhi Beej 2015 Date : 18th July 2015

Ashadhi Bij 2015 Day :  Saturday

Lord Jagannatha is worshipped primarily in city of Puri at famous Jagannatha temple. Lord Jagannatha is considered a form of Lord Vishnu and also revered by the followers of Vaishnavism. Jagannatha literally means Lord of the Universe. Jagannatha temple is one of the four Hindu pilgrimage centers known as Char Dham pilgrimages that a Hindu is expected to make in one’s lifetime. Lord Jagannatha is worshipped along with his brother Balabhadra and his sister Devi Subhadra.

Ashadhi Beej 2015 Date

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