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Bharthana National Park in Surat Gujarat

Bharthana National Park in Surat Gujarat

Bharthana National Park is very attractive national park in Surat city. Surat is Primary Attractions like The National Parks, on reaching the city of Surat; you will be amazed by the number of parks that happen to be in the centre of the city and that too in close proximity to the station and the rest of tourist attractions. Many animals are in the park.

Bharthana National Park is magnificent park in Surat Gujarat. About Surat City, We think of busy city life, whole with malls and industries and widespread rise of sky scrapers. But besides that, there is more to the nature-loving mop of tourists who visit the city for a vacation or even a person staying in Surat can fully get his share of green woods and wildlife in the heart of the city of Surat.


Bharthana National Park in Surat Address

Address —————————- Mahabir Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Surat – 395007


You really need to have the strength to walk different good 2 hours to cover the full park properly. Bharthana National Park Timing is around Morning 10:00 to Evening 8:00PM Open.

Bharthana National Park is a benefit for the traveler who has a day or two to spend in the city and cover as many spots as he wishes in the minimum possible time. For them, this Bharthana National Park, which is close to Althan National park, is a blessing in disguise. Located just at a meager distance of 7.04 kms from the Ring Road of Surat, this Bharthana National park is beautiful National Park also suitable for families with children.

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Bharthana National Park in Surat Gujarat

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