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Envirotech Asia 2014 Exhibition in Ahmedabad by Radeecal Communications

Envirotech Asia 2014 Exhibition in Ahmedabad by Radeecal Communications

In present situation due to industrialization and increased population, the drain may carry untreated industrial and municipal waste, If not treated properly and may cause multiple environmental danger for mankind.

ENVIROTECH ASIA 2014 will provide a topical arena for industry professionals to enhance their technical knowledge and share knowledge with their peers in non-commercial environment. Alongside the Envirotech Asia 2014 Exhibition providing an innovative showcase of industry leading companies demonstrating the very latest technology and Arctic operations, they also have organized a conference, on WASTE TO RESOURCES featuring a plenary session from renowned speakers, technical presentations and panel sessions.

Promotion of new programmes that foster the development and take-up of new cost-effective and innovative environmental technologies offers opportunities that are good for business, reduce pressure on the environment, and can create new quality jobs. Envirotech Asia 2014 Exhibition encourages such companies by giving them the platform to promote themselves for consolidation as the opportunities are plentiful because of the highly fragmented market.

Envirotech Asia 2014 Exhibition Date :

22, 23, 24 September 2014

Envirotech Asia 2014 Exhibition Venue :

Mahatma Gandhi Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Radeecal Communications specializes in conceptualizing, planning, organizing/managing Industry Specific Events, in tandem with various Associations and Industry leaders. The objective is to create a neutral platform for the players of the Industry to assemble under one roof, share information and knowledge, both technical and trade oriented, understand the market dynamics – existing and future and thrash out the issues, and come to conclusions that shall benefit the Industry as a whole.

Envirotech Asia 2014 Exhibition in Ahmedabad by Radeecal Communications

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