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Maldharis Tribe in Gir Jungle- Maldhari Community and Cloths in Gir National Park Gujarat

Maldharis Tribe in Gir Jungle- Maldhari Community and Cloths in Gir National Park  Gujarat

Maldharis are traveling family herdsmen who live in the Gujarat state of India. The real Meaning of MALDHARIS are Owner of animal supply. They are important as the traditional dairymen of the Village region, and once supplied milk and cheese to the palaces of Old Raja(King)

The Maldharis have lived in the Gir National Park Sasan Gir, in the Banni Grasslands keep back Area, for the Past Thousands Years. The lions of Gir have been sometimes hunting the Maldhari cattle for food, but the Maldharis understand the cycle of life and Maldhari contribution they cows to the lions, whose territory they allocate

Maldhari Community Clothes , Clutures are different then other normale peoples, some Maldhari Launges also different then others,they are live in simle house like tent types, they are make their house through Grass and wood . Maldhari Community Spend eight months of the year criss crossing light pasturelands with their Livestock like Sheep, Goats, Cows and Camels in a Countinual search for Fodder. During the Monsoon Season, The Maldhari Generally returnn to their home Villages because in Rain Season Malshari get New Grass they Homes near by

Maldhari come in Community with Different Region  and they belong Different Cast. There are 8400 Maldharis are living in Gir Forest Gujarat who are manily RABARI, BHAEWAD and CHARN. Maldharis Tribe in Gir homes known as NESS in Gujarat. Also Maldhari Tribe wear Cloth different types and they live simple life Maldhari Men wear gold hoops and buttons in their ears.  And Maldhari women’s ears are folded and stretched with a large amount of hanging silver

Maldharis Tribe in Gir Jungle Maldhari Community and Cloths in Gir National Park  Gujarat

[Details Written by JAYA - Approved by InGujarat.Net]

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