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Nathdwara Temple Hindola Darshan in Gujarat

Nathdwara Temple Hindola Darshan in Gujarat

Hindola is celebrating in Hindu Region during Gujarati Month Ashadh and Shravan. Nathdwara is the most famous place mostly visited by Vaishnav and Krishna Bhakts. Nathdwara is also known as Shreenathji where God Krishna has turn into God Shrinathji.

Vaishnav Parivar is visiting this place and believes that the real Krishna is here. Nathdwara is not only famous Hindola but is also famous for its early morning to night Darshan. Here early morning Mangala Darshan to Rajbhog Darshan and at night Shayan Darshan is also done. We can’t imagine the crowd in Nathdwara during Janmashtami, Satam, Holi.

During Hindola Darshan swing is decorated with full of flowers and gold coins too. Different decoration on swing and its Darshan are visited by all Vaishnav. Nathdwara is famous for its main Darshan the glory and the reality of Lord Krishna. Hundreds and thousands of people visited here and proper accommodation is provided to them in cottages and in Dharmshala.

[Details Written by Heena- Approved by InGujarat.Net]

Nathdwara Temple Hindola Darshan in Gujarat

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