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Navratri Poster Maker – Happy Navratri Poster Download – Dussehra Poster Making


Navratri is the Hindu festival of nine nights in honor of the eight manifestations of Goddess Durga. It is celebrated by Hindus across India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The nine nights include the day when Durga kills demon Mahishasur, followed by the ten days known as Navratri when women worship Her. This year, Navratri falls on September 26 to October 5.

The most popular festival in India is Durga Puja. It is celebrated every year from September or October to November. It signifies the victory of good over evil. Many people love to celebrate this festival in their homes and office with decorating their homes with flowers, sweets and other items related to Durga Puja. You can also create your own NAVRATRI POSTER MAKER and Durga Puja Poster which will help you promote your business or website online by displaying them on your social media at the time of Navratri Festival in a professional tone.

Start and End Date of Navratri 2022

Navaratri 2022 will start on 26 September, Monday and ends on 5 October, Wednesday.

Navratri Poster Maker


Navratri is a nine-day festival, which is celebrated in the autumn season. It is known as Durga Puja in Bengal, Maha Shivaratri in Bihar and Odisha, Mahakali Puja or Mahalaya Pravartaka in Assam and Uttar Pradesh, Sitala Navaratri (Hindu festival) in Kerala etc.

Navratri is a nine-day festival dedicated to Goddess Durga. In this occasion we will learn how to make an awesome navratri poster online easily with our software tool that helps you create your own unique design by just dragging and dropping your images onto it!

Navratri Poster Maker 2022 Step by Step Guide :-

1) Signup with your email, name, logo, and mobile number

2) Add your business details like the business logo, name, contact number, website, and address.

3) Choose Festival Poster Design Template

4) Add text, change text color, change the font, and change the background

5) Done. Enjoy your festival Navratri Poster and share/save the post

Choose from tons of eye-catching templates to make a poster that will get your message across.

Navratri is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. The festival is dedicated to worshiping Goddess Durga, who symbolizes power and energy. Navratri is also known as “Dussehra” or “Dasara”.

So here’s how you can celebrate it too – all you need is an idea for what kind of poster design should go along with your event/eventual theme…

There are many reasons you might need a social media graphic, but the most common is probably for sharing bits of information on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. With Festival Poster Maker, you can create your social media graphics in no time.

Social media graphics are used to share bits of information on social media. You can create your own graphics in five easy steps and use a template or upload your own images. These graphics can be used as a single image, part of an album or as the cover for an entire post. You can also choose from several different sizes and styles for each one, which means you’re sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly!

Start by clicking Create a poster button on your screen.

To create a poster, simply click the Create a poster button on your screen. You can do this in just minutes! Once you’ve created your own personalized Navratri banner, you can either share it with friends or save it as an image file. If you’d like to show off your creation elsewhere (for example on social media), we recommend using our Festival Poster Maker & Video App!

Choose from our selection of custom image and text sizes

To ensure you get the best possible results, we have a selection of custom image and text sizes.

Choose a template that best fits your needs: Make sure you choose a design that is compatible with the social media platform you are using. For example, if you’re creating a post or video status for an event or promotion, make sure to select a design that will work with the platform’s dimensions.

Browse our gallery to select images and to add a little life to your graphic, or upload your own images.

Uploading is easy: just click the “Browse Gallery” button and select an image from the list. Once you’ve chosen an image, click on the “Add Image” button.

Once all of your artwork has been uploaded successfully, choose one of our templates based on size requirements—you’ll receive custom-designed graphics tailored specifically for each template!

Choose one of our pre-made templates to add text, icons and other elements to your graphic that you can use over and over again.

Our pre-made templates are easy to use and customize. You can add text, icons and other elements to your graphic that you can use over and over again. They’re also made for different social media platforms so you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff!

If you already know what type of graphic you want for your campaign, choose one of our pre-made templates in this category or search for a specific design from our library. If not, we recommend starting with one of our simpler designs (like “Dussehra Poster” or “Durga Puja Poster”) before moving on to more complicated ones.

You’re done! You’ll be given the option to download your new social media graphic or save.

Congratulations! You’ve just created a Navratri Poster 2022 to celebrate the festival vibes. You can download your new social media graphic or save it.

You can add your own text, icons and other elements to your graphic that you can use over and over again. In addition, we provide a large library of images that we’ve put together specifically for this purpose (and more).


I hope this post was a helpful guide to get you started on creating your own Navratri poster.

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We hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. If you want to make more than one poster a day, try our Premium Plan.

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