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Sakar Khan Dargah in Halol Gujarat – Location Information of Sakar Khan Dargah

Sakar Khan Dargah in Halol Gujarat – Location Information of Sakar Khan Dargah

Halol is a city with a small population in the area of Gujarat; the nearby major cities include Vadodara, Nadiad, Ahmadabad and Gandhinagar. Sakar Khan Dargah is a very famous historical place in halol District of Godhara.

There are many people to visit this famous Dargah of Halol. Theie atmosphere is very wonderful and attractive to all people. The one among these tourist attractions that really deserves the consideration of the tourists is the Sakar Khan Dargah in Gujarat.

Sakar Khan Dargah Halol Location ————– Sakar Khan Dargah, Halol, Gujarat, India

This is the main mausoleum in the old city. It stands on a low support with a large ground. People can hire taxies or they can go by own vehicle at Sakar Khan Dargah. Private vehicles and buses facilities are also available to reach famous Dargah. Champaner is 45 km from Vadodara, Sakar Khan Dargah is nearby cities Champaner Gujarat.

Sakar Khan Dargah in Halol Gujarat

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