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Scooters India Limited Lucknow – Various Types of Three Wheelers

Scooters India Limited Lucknow – Various Types of Three Wheelers

Scooters India Limited has an organized system to control different activities. Scooters India Limited is one of the best company. Scooters India Limited makes various and versatile types of three wheelers : Vikram 450D, Vikram 410G, Vikram 600G, Vikram 750D, Vikram 750D(WC), Vikram EV.

Scooters India Limited in Lucknow organization has various departments to perform different activities competently. The products have a high payload capacity and efficiency. These are specially designed and developed for local transportation.

Vehicle with Easy Maintainability :

Most systems are easily accessible for maintenance, even in loaded condition and thus there is very little downtime & maintenance cost. Power pack can be removed from chassis for maintenance by simply unbolting.

Gearbox can be dismantled from engine for servicing just by unbolting from engine & the propeller shaft connection. Simple constant mesh gearbox is sturdy & requires very little maintenance.

Address of Scooters India Limited Lucknow

Post Bag No.23, Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow

Scooters India Limited Lucknow

[Details Written by Snehal - Approved by InGujarat.Net]

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