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Which is Your Favourite Mall in Surat from List of Famous Shopping Mall in Surat Gujarat

Which is Your Favourite Mall in Surat from List of Famous Shopping Mall in Surat Gujarat

Surat is a city previously known as Suryapur Gujarat. Surat is located 306km from south Gandhinagar on Tapti River Bank. Surat is Gujarat second large city with 2.1 Million surveys in 2001 and this is 8th largest city in India. Surat the city of flyovers is famous for its many collections like famous surat Sarees and its handbags lots of things. It is also on position for import and export services.

Surat is also listing no of malls like central Mall, Iscon Mall, Rahul Raj Mall, and VR Mall. Surat Central Mall that provides perfect destination for your happy family. Central Mall presents the best fashion and western outfits of your modern choice. Central Mall offering grand offers and some how discount on other areas. Another exciting offers presented Mall is Iscon mall in Surat which is also the best Mall in Surat.

This contains also the grand facilities with offers. This central AC this kind of malls are in surat have more rush in night even in day also. The Vegetables counter and crockery and the shoes and handbags and clothes and many more. Rahul Raj Mall is also famous in Surat which has more crowds. This is also having some sales and discount for people. Yet this sale season and shopping is not end yet. Another beautiful mall VR Mall in Surat is waiting for the shopping crazes.

VR Mall is also another opportunity for shopping lovers and for those who really wants that branded clothes and many more. These are the best malls in Surat depends on you which one you like the most. Choose your favorite mall. Address and Information Details of these malls are as follows.

1. Central Mall Surat

2. Iscon Mall Surat

3.  Rahul Raj Mall Surat

4.  VR Mall Surat

Central Mall Address:

Iris Mall, Op Valentine Multiplex,

Gaurav Path,Dumas Road, Surat – 395007

Iscon Mall Address:

Iscon Mall,

Opp. Rajhans Theature,

Surat-Dumas Road, Surat – 395007

Rahul Raj Mall Address:

Rahul Raj Mall,

Opposite Govardhan Haveli, Surat-Dumas Road,

Surat, Other Cities,

Pin: 395001

VR Mall Address:

Dumas Road, Magdalla,

Surat – 395007

[Details Written by Heena- Approved by InGujarat.Net]

Which is Your Favourite Mall in Surat from List of Famous Shopping Mall in Surat Gujarat

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