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Why do Women Show Off their Cleavage – Navel – Legs – Shoulder from Revealing Dress at All Places

Why do Women Show Off their Cleavage – Navel – Legs – Shoulder from Revealing Dress at All Places

First of All Sorry to Highlight, this inhighlighted point but it’s too much for Common People and hence everyone need to shame off and extra take care about the situation.

Why i am writing this, is just for cause of society, one side we are talking about Rapes and Sexual Harassment in Gujarat Cities like Ahmedabad Rajkot Vadodara Surat and few more. And in other part when you travel into Local Bus, BRTS Buses, Private Luxury Bus, Shopping Malls, Theatres, Gardens and Theme Park every where you will easily catch few ladies with awkward dressing and lots of her body part exposed from revealing dress style.

This is really shame full, because what other need to do when they pass near them. One can not close their eyes, that the face. It means they are inviting and motivating people and diverting their mind to wrong angels.

So, Gujarati Young Ladies, Matured Business Women and College going Teenager Girls, all need to take care about this point, and need to improve their dressing style. Because at end of the day by exposing Hot Cleavage or Milky White Legs you are just getting attraction of lots of eyes and which is going in negative direction.

If any one of you, have point regarding above matter, please share in comment box…

We want “Swach Gujarat Shuddh Gujarat” ….

Let’s Spread this to maximum people ….

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