Gujarati People Drinking Sugar Cane Juice as Tasty Summer Drink

Gujarati People Drinking Sugar Cane Juice as Tasty Summer Drink

The summers look to be beating down on us and with the heat come diseases like heatstrokes and bouts of dehydration. But there is one summer drink that can help you defeat the sweltering heat and other diseases in a moment sugarcane juice.

It is an extremely optional drink as it has wide range of minerals and vitamins which are highly essential for health. sugarcane juice is very heipful to our Body because summer season its too hot so people can take sugarcane juice any time.

The best time to take sugar cane juice is the afternoon, when Pitta Dosha is largest. It is better to avoid it during night. Sugarcane is rich in Phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Sugarcane is an alkalizing substance, and therefore is beneficial at fighting cancer.

Sugarcane juice really helps protect the liver from damage and acts as a painful to a damaged liver. During Summer time to heavy rush in Sugarcane Stalls you find many stall at Sugarcane juice.

[Details Written by Manvi - Approved by InGujarat.Net]


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