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INIFD Rajkot Fashion Show 2023 on 27th May @ SEASONS Hotel Rajkot


Be a Part of INIFD Fashion Show 2023: Unveiling the Future of Fashion

The INIFD Fashion Show 2023, hosted by the renowned INIFD (International Institute of Fashion Design). With its captivating theme, innovative designs, and exceptional talent, the event offered a glimpse into the future of fashion. Showcasing the creative prowess of budding designers, the INIFD Fashion Show 2023 marked a significant milestone in the industry.

Fashion Show – A Platform for Emerging Designers

The INIFD Fashion Show has long been recognized as a platform that nurtures and showcases emerging talent in the fashion industry by INIFD Students.

The 2023 edition of the fashion show continued this tradition by providing a stage for young designers to present their unique visions and design aesthetics.

As one of the premier fashion design institutes globally, INIFD has consistently provided aspiring designers with the knowledge, and opportunities to develop their skills and flourish in the industry.


INIFD Fashion Show Event Details

Date: 27th May 2023

Time: 9 PM

Venue: Seasons Hotel, Kalawad Road, Rajkot

Event Organized by: INIFD Institute

Event Presents by: STYLIFE


Theme: Tradition and Innovation

The INIFD Fashion Show 2023 theme revolved around bridging tradition and innovation. This concept aimed to strike a balance between honoring the rich heritage of fashion and embracing modern trends and technological advancements.

Students were encouraged to infuse modern elements with contemporary styles, creating a harmonious blend of the past and the future. The theme challenged participants to push the boundaries of their creativity and redefine the fashion landscape.

INIFD Student has created Pool Round in so many Different Styles and Theme wise.

  • Petals in Bloom: By Munira, Miral & Breina

a collection of evening wear of all white garments with vibrant florals 3d embroidery work

  • Jacketed Elegance: By Jilsa & Kinjal

a collection of formal jackets with a twist of drapery and mix-match of masculine and feminity

  • Zodiac Fusion: By Rachna

a collection of indo western garments inspired by zodiac signs and ombe of galaxy

  • Vintage Voyageurs: By 1st Year Students

a collection of kids garments inspired by vintage french and english fashion

  • Kutch Kaleidoscope: By Rashi

a collection off casual garments with patch and applique work of Kutch

  • Crown & Culture: By Avani & Ayushi

a collection inspired by British Raj and iImpact of Indian and english culture on each other

  • Weave Wonder: By Amit & Sona

a collection inspired by de construction of Patolas through creative wearable sillhouettes

  • Heritage Hues: By Sarina

a collection of casual wear inspired by weaves of Tamil Nadu

  • Blossom Buds: By 1st Year Students

a collection of kids garments inspired by different floral patterns

  • Street Arcade: By Mahendra

a collection of street wear inspired by 90s games and arcade era

  • Rock Riot: By Akshita

a collection of funk wear inspired by rock and punk culture

  • Out on the street: By Vrutvik & Prince

a collection of male denims and modern top wear

  • Nile Elegance: By Dhruvisha & Khushali

a collection of evening wear inspired by Egypt with intricate embroidery

  • Rooh: By Aksha
  • Wild Stripes: By Sahil & Nency

a collection of indo western garments inspired by Tribal wear

  • Doorway Dreams: By Jeel

a collection of indo western garmnets inspired by 4 doors of jaipiur palace

  • Goddess of the Elements: By Charmi

a collection of evening dresses inspired by seasons and flowers of the year

The fashion show boasted a diverse range of designs, each demonstrating the individuality and flair of the participating INIFD Students & Designers. From avant-garde couture to ready-to-wear collections, the runway showcased a plethora of unique creations. The students’ ability to experiment with unconventional materials, intricate detailing, and unconventional silhouettes captured the essence of the theme, leaving the audience in awe.

INIFD Fashion Show 2023 in Rajkot copy


What is the benefit of the Fashion Show held by INIFD INSTITUTE?

Industry Recognition and Career Opportunities

  • The INIFD Fashion Show 2023 served as a platform for students to gain industry recognition and establish valuable connections.
  • Esteemed professionals from the fashion industry, including designers, stylists, and influencers, attended the event.
  • The exposure provided an invaluable opportunity for participants to showcase their talent and potentially secure internships, job offers, or collaborations with established fashion houses.
  • It provides a platform for students to showcase their creativity and talent in the fashion industry.
  • The show is an opportunity for students to bring their ideas to life by creating unique and innovative designs.

The Fashion Show held by INIFD Institute has several benefits for both the participating students and the institute. It also helps build their confidence and gives them a taste of what it’s like to work in the industry. The show serves as a networking opportunity for students to meet and interact with industry professionals. This can lead to potential internships or job offers in the future. The show is an exciting event for the audience to attend. It’s an opportunity for them to see the latest fashion trends and styles created by the next generation of designers.


The INIFD Fashion Show 2023 lived up to its reputation as a melting pot of creativity and innovation. The event celebrated the talent and potential of emerging student designs, offering a glimpse into the future of fashion. The show also helps promote the institute and its fashion program, attracting potential students and sponsors. Overall, the Fashion Show held by INIFD Institute has many benefits and plays an important role in the development of future fashion designers. The INIFD Fashion Show 2023 will be remembered as a stepping stone for the students and future designers, as they embark on promising careers in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

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