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New Five Foreign Rides at Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad – New Rides in Kankaria

New Five Foreign Rides at Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad – New Rides in Kankaria

Netherlands based company is installed five foreign rides in the amusement park kankariya on November 2014. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is start various recreation activities / rides at the Kankaria lake on public private partnership basis.

New Rides was Inaugurated by Chief Minister of Gujarat Anandiben Patel at Kankariya lake Ahmedabad. New various foreign rides at amusement park Balvatika, kankariya Ahmedabad.

Attractive boomerang Roller coaster is one among the two agencies that will set up rides at Balvatika Kankariya Lake. Roller coaster is the first of its kind with a track length of 185 meters and to achieve speeds of up to 105.6 km/h. they have rides like Mega Disco, Tall Tower which is a 60 feet tall structure and Sleeping Action.

It includes the Boomerang Roller Coaster, Boomerang Femil, Mega Disco Tall Tower, Mega Tower and Sleeping Action at kankariya Ahmedabad.

New Rides in Kankaria Venue : Gate No. 5, Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad

Price Details of New Foreign Five Rides

Boomerang Femil : Rs. 200

Mega Disco : Rs. 100

Tall Tower : Rs. 100

Mega Tower : Rs. 100

Sleeping Action : Rs. 100

For Full Package : Rs. 500 per person

Children below 5 years won’t be allowed to rides. Kankariya lake is the beauty of Ahmedabad and one of the best location for one day picnic with family.

New Five Foreign Rides at Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad

[Details Written by Surabhi - Approved by InGujarat.Net]

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