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Famous “Pyarelal ni Kachori” in Vadodara Gujarat

Famous “Pyarelal ni Kachori” in Vadodara Gujarat

Pyarelal ni Kachori is as famous in Vadodara City. In Vadodara “Pyarelal ni Kachori” is very Famous and Popular Fast Food. Kachori is Favorite and Light Weight food. Gujarati People also used Dabeli in Snacks and in Morning Breakfast.

Pyarelal ni Kachori is most preferable by people of Vadodara. Pyarelal Kachori shop is located in Mangal Bazar at Vadodara. In Kachori Recipe includes potato, tomato, coriander leaf, a peanut, mug dal, Chilly Pest, Onion Pieces and puffed rice Etc are used in Kachori. Gujarati People testy Kachori Eat with sweet and Spicy Chatni.

Vadodara is very famous for its “Pyarelal ni Kachori”. People can make it easily Kachori in Breakfast and Snacks. Kachori Stuffed with Mug Dal Spicy Masala with Onion Pieces, Tomato and Chilly Pieces, Kachori Decorate by Coriander Leaf, Peanuts beans and Nylon Sev Etc. and Finally you can enjoy your Kachori. Address and Contact Detail of Pyarelal ni Kachori in Vadodara.

Address of Pyarelal ni Kachori:

Munshi Khancha,

Mangal Bazaar, Lehripura,

Vadodara, 390001

Phone: (026)5 2638 040

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Famous “Pyarelal ni Kachori” in Vadodara Gujarat

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