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Nishi Nail Spa Ahmedabad – Best Nail Salon Spa Centre in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Nishi Nail Spa Ahmedabad – Best Nail Salon Spa Centre in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Nishi Nails is located in Ahmedabad at the Gulmohar Park Mall on the Second Floor in Space 12. We offer, for the first time in Gujarat, nail extensions and nail art besides standard manicures & pedicures services.

Nishi Nail spa brings new technology famous in USA, Europe and Japan. Nishi Nail SPA is launched by Nishita Shah who has 20 years business experience in U.S.A and is now back in INDIA.

Nishi Nail Spa Ahmedabad

Address —-: Gulmohar Park Mall, Satelite, Second Floor in Space 12, Ahmedabad Gujarat

Contact No : 079-40072010

With well trained and experienced staff, this Spa offers Nail Extension, Refill, removal, Temporary & Permanent French Manicures, Nail Color and Nail Art, situated at PRIMATE Complex, it has convenience of ample parking, is spacious and provides excellent ambiance with people becoming more and more beauty and health conscious. Visit to Nishi Nails Spa is a must for every person wishing to look attractive, beautiful & handsome.

Along with Nails Spa we also provide at AARISH under Dr MALAV SHAH’S guidance, non invasive Lipolysis (skin tightening as well as body shaping & Fat Reduction) We also offer services, permanent laser, hair Reduction, cosmetic chemical peel, micro dermabrasion, eye rejuvenation. Inaugrural offer Get 10 Refreshing Massages for just 10,000 by an expert thai therapist.

It is a matter of great pleasure to introduce Nishi Nails as One of Its Kind “Unisex” Nail – Spa. Nishi brings to you wide and amazing range of Nail Art & Nail Decoration – helps to enhance beauty within you.

We offer Nail Art, Nail Extension, Nail Decoration, Water Marbling and Stamping Nail art & Many more services – which adds up a whole new comfort & charm to you when you are busy with presence different events.

Nishi Nail Spa Ahmedabad - Best Nail Salon Spa Centre in Ahmedabad Gujarat

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