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Raksha Bandhan Festival Celebration in Gujarat India

Raksha Bandhan Festival Celebration in Gujarat India

One of the most holistic festivals Raksha Bandhan which express joy, love and relation between brother and sister. This festival is also representing strong relationship between brother and sister as well men and women who are unrelated. Raksha Bandhan which splits in to Raksha and Bandhan, which means that Raksha to protect and Bandhan which is for Relation. Rakha Bandhan is also known as Rakhi, which stands for brother and sister.

On this beautiful day sister ties a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist and giving him lots of blessings for his bright future. And also brother gives gifts to sister. This festival celebrating by people with ensusiasticlly and with joy and love.

Raksha Bandhan celebrating by mainly by Hindu, Shikhs and in parts of Pakistan. During this festival all shops are full of with colorful rachis like a dreamy world. Rakhi which also having a different types like for elders and for Childs. For Childs we see many varieties of Rakhi with cartoons and joker and with colorful patterns.

This amazing festival celebrates by all people with joy and love and care. Promises and fun , enjoyment all over. The myths behind Indra Dev, King Bali and Laxmi, Santoshi Ma, Krishna and Draupadi in Mahabharat.

[Details Written by Hetal- Approved by InGujarat.Net]

Raksha Bandhan Festival Celebration in Gujarat India


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