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Riverside Palace in Gondal Gujarat – Historical Places at Gondal

Riverside Palace in Gondal Gujarat – Historical Places at Gondal

Gondal located 40 kms south of Rajkot in the state of Gujarat. There are many tourist visit this famopus city of Saurashtra and main attraction of this city are the forts and palaces. The Riverside Palace is attraction on the banks of the river Gondal. This palace was built in 1875 Ad by Maharajah Bhagwat Singhji for his son Yuvraj Bhojrajji.

Historical Places in Gondal Gujarat like

Riverside Palace in Gondal

Naulakha Palace in Gondal

Huzoor Palace in Gondal

The Royal Garages in Gondal

The nice facilities offered by the hotel will make you feel someone special. It has a wonderful display of grand and Indian styled furniture and decor. Riverside Palace 18 rooms and located place road Gondal Gujarat.

Accomodation of Riverside Palace

11 double bed rooms at the Riverside Palace

The rooms are attractively decorated with European colonial-period furniture.

large sized bathrooms and the attractive pieces of textiles and antiques. The place also comes with different type to serve the varied needs of the guests.  A/C Room (Single bed), A/C Room (Double Bed), Half Board (Double Bed), Full-Board (Single Bed), Full-Board (Double Bed).

Riverside Palace in Gondal Gujarat

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