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Ambika Niketan Temple in Surat Gujarat

Ambika Niketan Temple in Surat Gujarat

Ambika Niketan Mandir sees pilgrims trooping in all through the year to seek blessings from the main deity, Goddess Ashtabujha Ambika. A traveler visiting a place like Surat, Gujarat would be definitely visiting a main temple like Ambika Niketan that is located scenically on the banks of river Tapti.

All around the year, pilgrims walk in to be blessed by the eight-handed Mother Ambika. During Navratri, the entire temple gets decked up and invites more number of pilgrims than ever. Ambika Niketan Mandir is very famous in Surat City.

Ambika Niketan Temple Timings

Timing —————————- 6:00 AM TO 6:00 PM

Goddess Ambika happens to be one of the mainly vital deities in Gujarat since 1969. There are shrines of other gods and goddesses inside the Mandir, like that of Shri Ram, Sita, Lord Shiva and Shri Lakshminarayan. The attractive river banks draw scores of tourists visiting the temple get mesmerized by the grand decorations and watching the womenfolk dancing Garba during the Navratri.


Ambika Niketan Temple Surat Address

Address ——————- Ambay Jee Rd, Umra Gam, Athwa, Surat, Gujarat 395007


Ambika Niketan is Facts about the Mandir in Surat Gujarat. The temple is very close to Surat railway station approximately 2.4kms and around 6.5km near the major airport of Surat, hence, it is very handy local vehicles like Taxi, Rickshaw, and City Bus.

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Ambika Niketan Temple in Surat Gujarat

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