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Delhi Darwaja in Ahmedabad – Check Information of Delhi Darwaza Ahmedabad

Delhi darwaja is only one of the famous old gateways in city of Ahmedabad. Delhi Darwaja as the name suggests was a transportation point to the capital of Delhi. Famous Delhi Darwaja is located Lati Bazar, Daripur city of Ahmedabad in state of Gujarat.

Best Delhi gate is a very oldest historical Darwaza in city of Ahmedabad. Many People used to enter and exit the city through historical Delhi Darwaja. Most famous Delhi gate is the nice art structure.

Very oldest Delhi darwaza is historical gateway in Ahmedabad city. This Gate is a structure is a very oldest and famous structure in Ahmedabad city. Famous delhi Gates are motionless potted as historical monuments and they bear mark out the area lying within the fort walls.

City of Ahmedabad in Delhi Darwaja is one of the longest as well as the oldest gateways in Gujarat. The walls and pillars of Delhi Darwaza are beautifully designed and nice. Delhi Darwaja is a very popular Gateway in city of Ahmedabd.


Delhi Darwaja in Ahmedabad

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