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Famous Beaches in Diu – List of Diu Beaches

Famous Beaches in Diu – List of Diu Beaches

Diu is very famous for tourist destination DIU is located very nearer to Gujarat after Una. DIU is famous for its Beaches. There are few beaches in Diu, but most famous is the Nagao Beach.

Nagoa Beach

It is the largest and the most famous beach in Diu. Shaped like an amulet (semi-circle), it is placed near the Nagoa hamlet of the village of Bucharwada and is approximately twenty minutes drive from Diu. Nagoa Beach is the most popular beach in Diu. It’s about 7 kms from Diu Town.

Ghoghla beach

The Ghoghla Beach is a sandy beach. A tourist multipart nearby provides all basic facilities to tourists. It is the main and gentlest beach of Diu. This beach is a popular tourist mark that has required facilities like food and place.

Chakratirath beach

Chakratirath Beach is centrally situated and nearby to the Diu Town. This beach serves the locals as well as domestic and international tourists, providing them with a chance to have a worthwhile break.

Jallandhar Beach

Jallandhar Srine is located on hillock close to the beach. It is a sunny beach, which is approximately 1 km from Diu and houses a temple, committed to Goddess Chandrika. Though, water sports facilities exist at Jallandhar Beach, it is also a good mark to relax and laze around.

Gomatimata beach

The beach private and spread with natural white sand. It is one of the best beaches in the District. The foreigner tourist would like to holiday. But swimming here is not a safe option, as the tides are very high.

Famous Beaches in Diu

Nagoa Beach is very famous beach in DIU Gujarat; there are lots of People to visit during vacation time in Nagoa Beach. The exquisitely beautiful island of Diu with its perfect beaches, golden sands, soft light wind, solid palm groves and green coconut trees is a major tourist attraction of Western India.

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