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Famous Picnic Place LALPARI LAKE near Rajkot Gujarat

Famous Picnic Place LALPARI LAKE near Rajkot Gujarat

One of the famous Picnic place Lalpari Lake in Rajkot Gujarat. Which is the best visiting place in Rajkot. Lalpari Lake is 5 km away from Rajkot. Lalpari one the natural and exotic picnic spot to visit and bird seeing place by enjoying the real atmospheric nature.

This place is the visiting for the rare seeing birds and to feed them. Lalpari is the most popular natural place in Rajkot Gujarat. People visit here for natural location. This is the place on the border of Rajkot and not far from here as it is convenient for people to visit. Some of birds like who are generally specious rosy pastor, pheasant tailed jacan, purple moor hen, spoon bill.

Lalpari is a lake to enjoy the great atmosphere especially in the evening atmosphere at sunset and flying birds like we see. Lalpari and other places like Praduman Zoological are under to build. Lalpari is a beautiful lake view. Near this place zoo is situated with lots of greenery and natural views.

Timing to visit Lalpari Lake: 9:00 am to 6:00 Pm

Visiting Charge : Free

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Famous Picnic Place LALPARI LAKE near Rajkot Gujarat


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