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Happy Family Pvt. Ltd. – Urban Gujarati Movie 2013 Poster

Happy Family Pvt. Ltd. – Urban Gujarati Movie 2013 Poster

Happy Family Pvt. Ltd. (English Subtitle) Is a Comedy Gujarati urban Movie 2013. Happy Family Gujrati Film Directred by Raghuvir Joshi, he did also Movie in Bollywood Industry like Coktail and Knock Out. Movie Produced by Anand Dodhi. The Movie Star Cast is Rajeev Mehta, Vrajesh Hirjee, Shekhar Shukla, Dinesh Hingoo, Soniya Shah, Karan Ashar and Samvedna Suwalka.

 Gujarati film Happy Family Pvt. Ltd to have mega premiere both in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The Happy Family Pvt. Ltd was creating a new record for a Gujarati urban film’s release with more than 100 multiplex screens showing it on the day of its release. The film is mostly shot in Bhuj, Mumbai, and Film was releasing on December 6 2013.

Guajarati cinema has a many Superb Gujarati hits Film like Kevi Rite Jaish and The Good Road. Rajeev Mehta’s Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd was a best Comedy Film. And it’s known for playing lovable role of the Uttam Mehta and also hit TV show Khichdi plays the role of Uttam Mehta. Gujarati Film Happy Family Pvt. Ltd. In Story About of a rich and happy family which is forced to leave behind the lifestyle of Mumbai and settle in a village. Happy Family Pvt. Ltd was the Best and Super Hit Gujarati urban Movie of 2013.

In the Famali Included Member is a Calorie Conscious Wife, a Credit Card Daughter and an Always Hungry Son form the Mehta family, with Mr. Uttam Mehta as the head. Mr. Uttam Mehta a rich Businessman owns the Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd Company. The family is starting to adjust with atmosphere. One time Uttam Mehta as a family member is almost shot at gunpoint. The family then moves to a location Antillapur. The family is surprised when they know about village functions on barter system and Things. The village they are stuck in has no value for money. And last they Arrive of Village Villain is Pinky Bhai.

[Details Written by Karishma- Approved by InGujarat.Net ]

Happy Family Pvt. Ltd. – Urban Gujarati Movie 2013 Poster

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