Jhulta Pool in Morbi Gujarat – Location of Suspension Bridge at Morbi

Jhulta Pool in Morbi Gujarat –  Location of Suspension Bridge at Morbi

Morbi is small city of Gujarat State. This beautiful city is located on the Bank of Machchhu and 67 Kames away from the Rajkot. Julta Pool is very famous in Morbi city. Morbi is famois for clocks, CFLs and ceramic tiles.

The Suspension Bridge an engineering marvel built at the turn of the Century Reflects the Progressive and Scientific Nature of the Rulers of Morbi. This was built to give a unique identity to Morbi using the latest Technology available in those days reflecting European Influence in the Structural design.

Jhulta Pool Morbi Location —————— Machchhu River, Darbargadh Palace, Morbi Gujarat

Suspension Bridge is well known in the Morbi. Julta Pooll is also famous as a Suspension Bridge Morbi. There are many people to visit this famous bridge of morbi city. It is 1.25 m wide and spans 233 m on the Machchhu River connecting Darbargadh Palace and Lakhdhirji Engineering College.

Jhulta Pool in Morbi Gujarat

It is attraction poit of Morbi City, there are many famous place of morbi and their engineering college also popular in our Gujarat.

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