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Kayavarohan Shiva Temple in Vadodara Gujarat

Kayavarohan Shiva Temple in Vadodara Gujarat

Kayavarohan is a Village Located in the District of Vadodara, Gujarat. Kayavarohan Shiva Temple is a very well Known Place of Vadodara. Kayavarohan is Popularly known as Karvan and is situated on the National Highway No. 8 at a distance of 30 k.m.s from Vadodara. Vododara city of places is known as culture capital of gujarat.

Vadodara City has much Temple, church and Masjid Etc. Beautiful Shiva Temple of vadodara is built recently houses an attractive idol of Lakulish. Kayavarohan Shiva Temple is a historical place. Kayavarohan is the birthplace of Lord Lakulish. The Puranas say that it is this place from where Lord Shiva personified into a Brahmin family as their child. So Place is known as Kayavarohan Shiva Temple.

Presently Kayavarohan temple holds a secret cave used for meditation and seclusion. Here holding great religious significance, in spotted great in the form of ruins of a Shiva Temple that was considered very sacred during later Vedic times is found here. Archaeological significance Numerous Hindu icons.

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