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Kirti Stambh in Vadodara – Baroda Kirti Stambh History

Kirti Stambh in Vadodara – Baroda Kirti Stambh History

Vadodara has a much Famous Places like Sayaji Baug Museum, Ajwa Nimita Garden etc. Kirti Stambh is One of these Places. Kirti Stambh also known as Tower of Fame and Triumph. Kirti Stambh is most popular place of the city location near Polo Ground. Kirti Stambh was built by Sayajirao Gaekwad in 1935.

Sayajirao was deciding to move towards ‘Vanaprasthashram’. The lion sitting on the top of the structure faces east and has his back to the Laxmi Vilas Palace gate. That is illustrates the king’s Leaving his life like Kingdom and Luxurious. Sayajirao portrays himself as the getting old lion. This History behind a very good Philosophy of the Kirti Stambh at Vadodara. Kirti Stambh made by Prominent Artist Krishnarao Chavan. And they said Jitendrasinh Gaekwad is great grandnephew of Sayajirao.

Kirti Stambh of Vadodara is build by Sayajirao for some Meaning and had Philosophical touch. Kirti stambh is a biggest area of the Baroda city and it’s the best place for visit in life.  If you are planning a vacation in Vadodara, then you must go visit Kirti Stambh.

Address of Kirti Stambh:

Rajmahal Marg,

Shiyabaug, Babajipura,

Vadodara, Gujarat 390001.

[Details Written by Kasmeera- Approved by InGujarat.Net]

Kirti Stambh in Vadodara – Baroda Kirti Stambh History

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