Matanomadh Temple Kutch Gujarat- History- Details

Matanomadh Temple Kutch Gujarat- History- Details

Matanomadh the place situated in Kutch, this place is famous for temple of Ashapura Mata. This place is located at 80 km away from Bhuj Gujarat. This was build by two vanias Ajo and Anagor. During the earthquake of 1819 the whole temple was damaged and the after the renovation has done.

This temple is 58 ft long and 32 ft wide and 52 ft tall. The original temple was built on hill after earthquake it was built in the floor and it is said this it is rebuilt by Mir Gulamsha Kalora. This temple is most attraction point of touristers and worshipers of Mata Ashapuara. This place is most visited by people and also by foreigners.

As the name says that this place totally describes for the Bhakt of Mata Ashapua. During the Diwali and Navratri Tea and Snacks and Prashad is distributed among all. The aesthetic atmosphere is mainly the reason for people. Hot water for their Padyatra for leg of visitors. Tents and accommodation is provided, as well security guards are there to avoid crowd and traffic.

[Details Written by Heeta- Approved by InGujarat.Net]

Matanomadh Temple Kutch Gujarat History Details


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