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Mehmaan Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad – Gujarati Cuisine & Banquet in Ahmedabad

Mehmaan Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad – Gujarati Cuisine & Banquet in Ahmedabad

MEHMAAN – means Guest and in Sanskrit it is called “ATITHI”. Mehmaan Gujarati Thali Restaurant is nice located at 132 ft Ring Road in Ahmedabad city.

Mehmaan is the Gujarati thali restaurant in Ahmedabad which serves unlimited delicious gujarati cuisines for gujarati food lovers. The traditional Gujarati thali mostly includes rotli, dal or kadhi, sabzi also known as shaak, rice and Farsan (type of Gujarati Snacks).

Mehman Gujarati Thali restaurant is serving excellent traditional Gujarati Food in Ahmedabad. The traditional Gujarati food is primarily vegetarian and has a high nutritional value.

Mehmaan Restaurant is provided services offer Gujarati Cuisine & Banquet hall at Maninagar in Ahmedabad. Mehmaan Gujarati Cuisine & Banquet Maninagar has banquet hall as well which is very nice & comfortable in Ahmedabad.

Gujarati cuisine has so much to offer and each dish has an absolutely different cooking style.

The typical Gujarati meal is served traditionally on large platters or thali that consists of one variety of two to three vegetables, wide variety of beans and pulses, dal, Kadhi a curd preparation, puri or chappati, rice, salad savories, sweets, chutneys, pickles, papad and sweetened yoghurt.

Gujarati Food Service is good in traditional style by Mehmaan Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad.

Address of Mehmaan Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad

1st Floor, Takshshila Squer, B/h Maninagar Fire Station, Rambagh, Maninagar, Ahmedabad

Mehmaan Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad

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