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Navratri Pooja Vidhi Muhurat 2014 Information

Navratri Pooja Vidhi Muhurat 2014 Information

Navratri is Hindu Festival. Navratri happen with the end of the rainy season. Navratri is Famous Festival of Word, each County celebration Navratri with joy and Happiness. Navratri is 9 Days Festival. During Navratri People Worship of Durga Ma and get blesses of her.

Navaratri is celebrated five times a year. They are Vasanta Navaratri, Ashadha Navaratri, the PoopSharad Navaratri, and the Paush Navaratri. Of these, the Sharad Navaratri of the month of Puratashi and the Vasanta Navaratri of the Vasanta kala are the most important.

Navratri says also Durga Navratri, in Gujarat very famous for Gujarati GARBA and they Celebrate Navratri 9 days with Different Garba and Dandiya. Navratri 10th Day celebrate Dussehra.

Navratri Pooja Vidhi Muhurat 2014

Puja Vidhi Muhurta of Navratri 2014 = 11:43:46 to 12:31:47

Duration = 0 Hours 48 Mins

Navratri Celebrate in India with Different Types, Nvaratri in Gujarat people first do Pooja Vidhi of Durga Mata and after of these Celebrate Dance Dandiya and Garba during 9 Nights of Navratri and All age of People like Children, Younger, Teenager, Older are include in Navratri Garba and Enjoy this Festival

People Doing Dandiya or Garba in Circle and all community People can enjoy Navratri Garba and Dandiya. Many organizers use live band or just play the songs for the people to dance. The songs are in Gujarati which is specially made for the Gharba dance. The traditional steps for the dance are simple but from many years people are create new steps. There are traditional clothes made especially for the Garba dance. This Festival attracts people from all the age groups and tourist from all over the world.

Navratri Pooja Vidhi Muhurat 2014 Information

Navratri Pooja Vidhi Muhurat 2014 Information

[Details Written by Jalpa - Approved by InGujarat.Net]

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