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Pai Pai – Comedy Gujarati Family Natak

Pai Pai – Comedy Gujarati Family Natak

Dhiruben Patel written Pai Pai is Fully Comedy Gujarati Natak. Pai Pai Gujarati Play Directed by Manoj Shah. Hilarious Play Pai Pai based on Family, where parents hard work to 4 small boys.

Details of Pai Pai Gujarati Natak:

Time Duration: 1 hr 45 mins

Language: Gujarati

Director: Manoj Shah

Writer: Dhiruben Patel

The play is a showcase of the craze for money in today’s world and it also aims at establishing a heartwarming relationship between parents and children.

Pai Pai – Comedy Gujarati Family Natak.jpg

Sub Category:
Gujarati Natak

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