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Raipur Bhajia House Ahmedabad – Famous Raipur Bhajiya

Raipur Bhajia House Ahmedabad – Famous Raipur Bhajiya

Gujarati’s favorite snack is a Bhajiya. Raipur Bhajiya is one of the oldest Famous Bhajiya Houses in Ahmedabad. This famous shop is located outside Ahmedabad Raipur gate. Raipur Bhajiya House is located in Raipur Darwaja Cross Road, Raipur Darwaja city of Ahmedabad.

Raipur Bhajiya House is a very famous place in food Bhajia in city of Ahmedabad. There are many bhajiya houses in Ahmmedaba but suggested to eat Raipur bhajiya house. Bhajiya is very nice and tasty. The store gateopen in Monday to Sunday 8 am to evening.

Famous Bhajiya house is a most popular shop in city of Ahmedabad. Snack bhajiya is made up of fenugreek and pure oil has been used to fry them and per day around 1ooo to 1500 people come and taste our snacks.

Raipur Bhajia House Ahmedabad


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