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Shopping Market Bazaar in DIU Gujarat – Famous Shopping Centre at DIU

Shopping Market Bazaar in DIU Gujarat – Famous Shopping Centre at DIU

Diu is very famous for tourist destination DIU is located very nearer to Gujarat after Una. DIU is famous for its Beaches. In the Diu town good shopping facilities are there. Diu is particularly noted for the lack of commercial use of visitors.

Diu is the best place to get liquor as all brands are available and at cheaper rates. The town area is always crowded with tourists looking out for various stuffs. Diu Bazaars are very famous, colorful and active with many sellers shouting their heart out to sell their goods.

Famous Shopping Market Bazaar in DIU Gujarat

There are many famous shopping centres in DIU Gujarat. Lots of tourist people to visit this famous city of DIU. They visit famous shopping centre of Diu. During vacation time to heavy rush in DIU, DIU is tourist Destination place.

The town area of Diu sells out different type of attractive leather slippers and bamboo mats and baskets, Electronic goods, Gift articles, and attractive household appliances at the town square of Diu which is a popular Diu market.

Maharaja Super Market in Diu

Princess Park Shopping Market in Diu

There are many Foreigner visit Diu. Diu is a very beautiful place with impressive natural beauty. It has a very great heritage and a rich culture, twisted by the fusion of local Gujarati culture and the foreign Portuguese culture.

Shopping Market Bazaar in DIU Gujarat

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