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Zopadpatti Punrvasan Yojana in Raiyadhar Area Rajkot by Gujarat Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojana

Zopadpatti Punrvasan Yojana in Raiyadhar Area Rajkot by Gujarat Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojana

 PPP (Public Private Partnership) Yojana is a way of Project Development in which the public and private sector co-operate each other in partnership. PPP Yojana in Rajkot city is on the way to Provide Services to Zopadpatti peoples.

On 30th April 2015, Press Conference was held at Radhe Thal Restaurant In Rajkot for Devlopment of Flats in Raiyadhar Zopadpatti(Slum) Area. Under Gujarat Rural – Urban Housing Board (Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojana),Raiyadhar Zopadpatti area will be replaced with newly constructed fully facilitated Flats.

As per the PPP Yojana in Rajkot city, The Zopadpatti people living near Raiyadhar Area will get their own houses (flat). The Zopadpatti Punrvasan Yojana in Rajkot will be developed by Cube Construction Engineering Ltd. Vadodara. In a PPP Yojana Press Conference 2015, Mr. Birjubhai Shah M.D of Developer Company of PPP Yojana Where he said “The main aim of The PPP Yojana is to Make Rajkot City smart slum free area. Under the PPP Yojana the Zopadpatti People will get fully Constructed house at the same place they are living in free of cost. ”

Zopadpatti Punrvasan Yojana in Raiyadhar Area Rajkot by Gujarat Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojana

Facilities in Flat or Housing under PPP Yojana:

– 300 sq ft Carpet Area

– 2 Bedrooms, kitchen, Wash area, Separate Bathroom and Toilet

-2500 Rs/- Rent Till the completion of this Project

-Flat, Road, Water and Drainage System with Modern Facilities.

-Better Ventilation and electricity

– High Quality ceramic Tiles, Cota Stone Platform

-Electric Wiring with necessary points

People living in slum Areas of Rajkot and other Cities also Deserves better quality of life. In Rajkot, people living near to the Raiyadhar Area, many of them are given their agreement to the Contract of PPP Yojana at Rajkot Central Zone. And other people are also ready for the Agreement. The Developer of the PPP Yojana has to provide the Housing Facilities as per the Affordable Housing Act to the Zopadpatti People.

The PPP Yojana Developer has developed approx 10,000 houses, from Bhuj in Saurashtra to Surat. Mr Birjubhai Shah praised the authorities like Rajkot City Commissioner Shri Vijay Nehra, City Engineer Smt. Alpanaben Mitra and Town Planning Officer Shri M.D. Sagathia for their support towards their duties.

So PPP yojana is truly an excellent activity or Yojana for Zopadpatti people with Public and Private Partnership to make Rajkot a smart slum free city!!!

[Details Written by Rimple - Approved by InGujarat.Net]

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