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Details and Information about RANI KI VAV Patan Gujarat

Details and Information about RANI KI VAV Patan

Patan is one of the beautiful city of Gujarat. Rani Ki Vav is one of the great Historical Place of Patan. Rani Ki Vav amazing stepwell was built by Rani Udayamati.

Rani Ki Vav in Patan Information

Queen Udayamati decided to build rani ki vav in the memory of her husband king Bhimdev. Rani Ki Vav was constructed by Queen Udayamati of the Solanki dynasty. Rani Udayamati has completed the construction of Rani Ki Vav in 1063.

Famous Rani Ki Vav Step well is bottomless structure with a series of steps, board landings, pavilions and sculpted walls which provides access to water in deep well. One of Rani Ki Vav pillars is so beautifully carved. There is small gateway just below the last step of the Rani Ki Vav well.

Carving on a pillar of the Vav is very beautiful and reminds that how beautiful India was in the past. Rani Ki Vav Step Well length is 64 meters, Width 20 meters and depth 27 meters. There are beautiful gardens around the Rani Ki Vav.

Rani Ki Vav in Patan Details

Rani Ki Vav in Patan Timing and Fees

Timing———–08:00 am to 06:00 pm

5 Rs. Entry Fees for Indian

2 $ (U.S.D.) Entry Fees for foreigners

Rani-ki-Vav one of the finest examples of step wells in Gujarat. Rani Ki vav in Patan is one of the great historical Step Well.  City of Patan in Rani Ki Vav is a protected monument under the Archeological Survey of Gujarat India.

Architecture and beauty Rani ki vav lots of visitors across the world every year.

Details and Information about RANI KI VAV Patan Gujarat

[Details Written by Surabhi - Approved by InGujarat.Net]

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